I contacted Dream Akitas by their email listed in the ad regarding an Akita puppy we were interested in. I received a email back explaining their purchase policy and shipping policy for their puppies. They sent a purchase contract, which we signed and sent back. We sent a bank to bank payment, and they were to ship the puppy the next day. The next day I received a email from, "United Express Shipping" stating that the seller had the puppy in a sub standard crate, and I would have to rent one for $173, plus a refundable $1800 damage deposit. I called the shipper and he said it was for a air conditioned, pressurized crate. I told the shipper to give the puppy back to the seller. I called dream akitas and was offered that they would pay $1300 of the deposit if I could pay the rest. I said I just wanted my money back. He said he’d return it in 3 weeks. It’s now been 4 weeks, and he no longer returns my emails, and the phone goes straight to voicemail.Now I see an exact site selling the same puppies, under the name ofNOBLE AKITAS!! Now their prices are $800 per puppy.

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