Dream makers studios Cape Coral Florida Review


This is a company does not lie about one thing and that IS that they are Very good at what they do, and that one thing is scam you out of your money And destroy your credit. And if you go in as a couple for your child they get BOTH OF YOU to list your SS# to he able to attack you the minute you dispute, cancel, or just change your mind about them and their chop shop services. OKay, here we go.. They advertise a cattle casting call for children, adults, basically anyone breathing with a wallet and a social security #. they cram you into a back room that has no business holding people and call you in quick photo shoot and a wanna be audition. They tell you that you have that special something and will call you IF your chosen for a call back. Secret is EVERYONE from thay day is called baAs and told their chosen. Oldest trick in the book. The more Fishin poles you have in the water the more chances you have to catch a wallet… Ugh fish. Then they tell yoube been chosen for a callback and you need to come in to speak about the opportunity and bring several sets of clothing for a photo shoot they have planned for you. Great right??? Wrong, when you get there the owner of this chop shop wanna be agent house drag you across the street to take picture in the woods. And she’ll actually have the nerve to have you hold the photo equipment and help shade the shots. When your through she’ll tell you she not an agent but a acting guro to help guide you through the process and slam picture binders of people in your face of all the success stories she’s responsible for. Then be prepared becausw she shows you a disc of all the pictures taken that day and has you choose some for his/her folio. Which your now told has a fee of $400.00 but you only have to pay 90.00 if you commit to contract that includes a webinar that you have to listen to for 2 + hours every week and basically become an employee. oh yea this costs $3000.00. But it gets way better, once you tell this tyrant your not interested or can’t afford it she amazingly comes up with the second offer for $1000 less if you sign that day. BUT WAIT, DONT ANSWER YET. When you decline this offer it cuts in half again. And then she’s willing to break it ipay what ever payments your willing to pay. At this point if you don’t just grab your children and push past out the door she will not let you leave with some kind of financial commitment. And the very best part of this is when you ask her if she gets you auditons she tell you she just a spiritual advisor, a visionary bullshit. so then she uses her last trick in her hat and tells you your child or you will be in a commercial as part of your pick pocket aggrement. thame ever sees any airtime. Its her with her own video camera. JOKE!! So after finally shamefully be broken down by this scam artist we sign for the minimum value meal option of $895.00 which she just claps her hands and says your going to be a star. So we payed for the photo shoot day (90.00) and also a first 250.00 payment as part of the 895.00 contract and leave this dilapitetd building. after a week a one 2 hr webinar babble that had absolutely nothing to do with anything WE were in the market for we decided to part ways with this terrible decision. I mean $340.00 for 6 pics that we could have done ourselves and actually helped this so called professional take was enough. we lived 3 hrs away anyway and all we wanted was an agent to help guide us to cast calls. THATS ALL… instead we fell into the preying jaws of dream makers studiios when we asked to cancel for 2 great resons they said we owed the happy/value meal in full of 895.00 and when they disputed this i had to cancel my credit card because oh yea, they attach your credit card /bank account for payment. Then after this nonsense add it to my credit Report as an unpaid debt. C’mon $340.00 for a few pics that they said was 90.00 sand we paid it. all we wanted was someone to help our littl girl maybe do a commercial or print ad. Let me re-phrase all our 5yr old little girl wanted was to do a commercial or print add. And we had to meet people like this. Why?? Wasn’t our $340 enough? They needed to try to destroy out credit? I say our because they insisted my wire also put her info of the application as well even though it was my bank acct. now we both have this on our credit. We work hard for our money and this just wasnt the services we were looking for. Why did we need to keep paying for the wrong thing?? WE WILL NEVER PAY THIS FALSE BILL…EVER. Roni Puckett, karma is a real thing and you will have to deal wthis the boomerang of your actions. Again, WE WILL NEVER EVER PAY YOU THIS MONEY. In fact we are using it to expose you instead. Karma. Fade to black….

6103 54th ave N, Kenneth city , Florida USA

727 547 6770


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