Dream Vacation Passport and Premier AAM


Same story. Dream vacation passport made threats to recover past fees and made it sound similar to a time share. Constant calls and e-mail . I was referred to premier advertising and marketing to buy out and sell my membership for & 036;499. And get a return of | up to & 036;6,000. Or & 036;8000 all Within the year. | I did agree and paid them. Translation and info all on line,e- mail of the terms and date of November 2017, paperwork was to follow and the sale. I have not receive a single piece of | documentation other than verbal and e-mail | statements that I have no affiliation whatsoever with Dream vacation passport. True or not??? | Within this past month I have received calls and a e-mail with a statement for & 036;249. Yearly | past dues. | The only recourse is to bring the scam artist and companies into a court of law and expose them for who they really are, if we can catch them. | I did talk to a representative and let them know | I was prepared to do that if they didnít stop the | harrassing tactics. Time will tell. | Do not do business with on line companies | without throughly investigating their legal business and reputations. LLC can sometimes be like a grey area, donít know if a person can even trust them. Buyer Beware

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