Drew Scott Waverly Tennessee


Complaint: I was contacted by someone by text stating that they were Drew Scott from HGTV. After conversing a few times about how long I had watched and stuff they told me I had been chozen at random from facebook, and that it was never a scam or a fraud. I was told that I had won 2.5 million and 7000 a week for life, as well as a house. I was assured that nothing from HGTV was a fraud or a scam via the text message. However, then came the request for me to send money via walmart or western union which automatically threw up a red flag and I knew it had to be a scam. Such a disappointment. I would never send anyone money for this kind of stuff, watched stuff on TV too many times. I do not know if anyone else or how many have been notified of this or been taken advantage by this, but it needs to be checked out for sure. I hope that you can also stop them from using the Scott brothers to advance their scam.

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