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Complaint: To everyone else who went to Drive Time and got ripped off: If your credit is ruined because of Drive Time, go and search for a company called Lexington Law. They are in Utah and will dispute all negative items found on your credit report. I hooked up with them about 2 months ago and so far Drive Time has not showed up negative on my report but I will definetely dispute it if I see it. Also I am residing in Georgia and there is no lemon law here on used cars but I want to know if there is a law for places like Drive Time that rip people off by charging double what the cars are worth and then slapping another couple of thousands on to the loan for the interest rate? I signed up with Pre-Paid Legal and already sent the contract and other information to the attorney. And also I did contact the Better Business Bureau and told them how I was ripped off, but they said that dealerships could charge how much they want to. If this is true then there is nothing I could do about it is there? I mean from reading everyone’s complaints about how they were taken advantage of by Drive Time, there has got to be something we could do because they can’t keep getting away with this. I am not going to be sending any more money to Drive Time. I found a place in Union City, Georgia and was already approved for a loan there. I have made a very bad mistake in going to Drive Time to buy a car, especially going there all by myself. I have learned my lesson not to jump into anything because I will end up paying the price later on. No matter how desperate I am for a car, I am going to take my time and make sure I know what I will be getting into. So again those of you who got ripped off by Drive Time and ruined your credit, search for Lexington Law and they will dispute this against all three credit bureaus. And also anyone else who resides in Georgia, please let me know if there is a gauge law and if we could do something about how we were all taken advantage of. We need to put a stop to this once and for all. Tbald1977 Fayetteville, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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Address: 3852 Jonesboro Road Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.



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