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Complaint: she traded it out for only 100 dollars so my interest and pay out ended up being more then what they had told me they told me my with financing my rate was 10, but after talking with a lady abt it it was really 21% I went to get that car for 12,000 and expected to pay no more then 15,000 Well somehow I ended up having to pay 34000 on this car that was only worth 5,000 dollars!!! Also after a week of having this car I take it I got a small tune up you know battery, oil change, spark plugs and tires. Well I least that day from the auto mechanic place finding out the tire pressure gauges were out it needed an alignment catalytic converters and o2 sensors were bad back shocks were bad the main computer had to be replaced along with the a.c. blower motor. Well I called drive time to talk with them about what needed to be done sense the car was under warranty that i added onto the car, the only thing I could find out is that there wasn’t anything they could do to help.

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Address: 8801 Kinston pike Knoxville , Tennessee USA

Website: kno&source=local&vend/

Phone: +1 865-824-0770

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