DSM Supply Ypsilanti Michigan Review


Wow-what an incedible phone experience with this company called dsmsupply.com who invited me to order medical supplies from them by sending a brochure with a discount code. So I am trying to put in an order for physical therapy supplies but the guy on the phone keeps repeating that my office phone line does not show a PT office on his screen and they only sell to PTs and Chiropractors. I told him I understood this and that I am a PT calling from a non PT office–can I please just get on with the order so I can pay for it and be done with it. I am willing to provide you a legitimate option for verifying that I am a PT by providing you a license number or any other form of ID to allay your fears of selling to a non PT/chiropractor. He insisted that he could not sell to me and that implied that I was not being truthful. My question is: do you really think your bsiness is that good, that relevant that you can get away with insulting prospective clients? This episode really turns comical when I call back to speak to a manager. When the manager actually answers the phone and is reluctant to identify herself by providing a name–you know you’re in for a battle and it’s not going to be pretty. She reluctantly provides a name and repeats the sentance “we only sell to Chiropractors and Physical Therapists””. She too hung up as I was telling her I was PT–what is up with your company or whatever it is you really operate since I can’t imagine a legitimate business treating their propspective clients in this manner. Then I have a revelation when I see the number of complaints filed by people and it all becomes clear that this company is a low ranking bottom feeder in the world of customer service. What a shame since their pricing is quite good!”

11837 Judd Court Dallas, Texas USA



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