DTE Energy Complaint


I sold my property, paid all final bills, and cancelled all landlord automatic utility transfer agreements about 10 years ago. I got a call out of the clear blue last month, april 2009, from a collection agency, alliance one, stating that i owed a balance for services used at a house i sold 10 years ago. I called dte, they sent me a fraud package, i returned it, and landlord/tenant customer care dismissed it saying that the landlord automatic transfer was never cancelled, and they would not remove me as the responsible party unless i showed them the letter from 10 years ago showing that i did cancel it. Despite the fact that i sold the property 10 years ago, and am a resident of ohio who did not use any utilities from dte in october 2008. I also sent in a title search showing i did not own that property, the suddenly claimed that it was for a balance for a different property… That was also sold 10 years ago. Both dte and alliance one have been extremely rude and will not listen to reason. I told them i have no intentions of paying a bill for utilities used by someone else, at a property i sold 10 years ago. I asked that they send me all documentation in writing showing the claim, and i have not received anything from dte or alliance one. The dte landlord automatic utility transfer policy states that dte will not charge the landlord for services used by the tenant that the tenant did not pay. Again, i have no tenants, property, or accounts with dte. Can someone help me with this? Has this happened to you? Is there someone at dte, other than landlord/tenant customer care, who can help me? In 2002 i had a near fatal accident, and no longer work anymore. I cannot afford to pay for someone else”s utilities… Also, what”s to say that another 10 years won”t go back and the resurface again? I feel that what they are doing is unlawful, and should be reported to some organization. Can someone please help? I was an excellent customer and paid all final bills, and made sure all accounts were closed with dte. I owe nothing.

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