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Due to a stolen mail item from the mail box, which the company did replace, however, the csr did not redate future deliveys and the next shipment was received before the aloted 4-6 weeks. When the next delivery was made the csr told me to refuse the oder, however, it was explained to the csr that I was currently out of town and would not be returning until after the shipment was to be received. It was explained that all I needed to do was to return the oder by placing on the box refuse order and send ups, he also, explained that all future shipments had be rescheduled for a future date. However, three week later, another shipment was sent out, and on the day that the shipment was suppose to ship, I called the company with my bank on the phone and the csr, promised that all shipments had been canceled and that a full refund of my money would be issued. However, the next week, I recevied an email that another shipment was about to ship; and when I contacted the company the csr stated that only a refund request of $19.95 was sent and that no other request was filed. I am currently out of $110.70 because of mistaked that the customer service created and the company did not even try to retain me as a customer, nor have I received my refund, which was to have be sent November 29, 2008. I have not even received a letter explaining that the situation is still being look at, and when talking with customer service, I receive no information at all, which in my eyes makes this company thiefs. nYashicanDecatur, GeorgiaU.S.A.

PO BOX 10451 Van Nuys, California U.S.A.


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