Duckworth Investments, LLC Colorado Springs Colorado


Complaint: This company represented by Danielle Carraher is sure to rip people off. She rented us a cute little house for far more a month than it was worth. The carpet is beyond wear and tear, but she said if we replaced it, it would be discounted from our rent. I’m sorry, I thought that was her job? The fence was falling apart, and she asked us to get it taken care of. She charged us an extra $700 for a “holding”” fee because we had to wait two weeks to move in. Our rent is $800 for a tiny two bedroom

Tags: Landlords

Address: plus the $775 security deposit. She got $2275 out of us just to move in! Now she is trying to evict us because we were only four days late paying rent. We are a military family and have consulted with JAG. Now to see if she tries to charge us for the carpet or anything that was already ruined when we moved in… Do some research before you rent from this woman or company. I wish we would have.”


Phone: PO BOX 61 Pueblo, Colorado United States of America

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