Ductz of Nova Alexandria Virginia Review


I had Ductz of Nova come to my property to clean my house’s ductwork. They were only at the house for approximately 1 hour. Nevertheless, I paid the $400 in full thinking the work was complete. nAfter a week of their service, and upon noticing continued dirt and dust coming out of the vent work, I contacted Ductz of Nova to ask for clarification as to why there was still dirt and dust. The customer service representative, indicated that it was typical for dirt to remain in the ducts and nothing else could be done. After another two weeks of running the air conditioning, cleaning my floors and using individual vent filters at all the return and supply vents, I am still having significant black dirt and dust. Not only did they fail to do adequate work, but they have made the situation worse. nI am very dissatisfied.

Alexandria, Virginia United States of America



Cooling & Ventilation, Heating

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