Dynamic Fitness/ Charles Dorsey Jr ijamsville Maryland Review


I went to Dynamic Fitness located in Urbana, MD seeking personal training and fitness services. When I say fitness services I am specifically speaking of a dietician and a meal plan that I was supposed to be provided with. I was told I had to pay for everything upfront, which I did. The owner of the business, Charles Dorsey Jr was the trainer I was working directly with. nI attended three sessions of the forty I paid for when I was informed that no more sessions could take place until I got a note from my doctor. I questioned why I hadnt been asked about a doctors note previously if it was an actual concern, since the condition I had was known about previously but I got no answers. At this point in time I asked to be refunded my money for the remaining sessions because these hassles were becoming more than I was willing to deal with. nThe hassles I speak of were the trainer/Owner calling me and changing my appointment times probably two of the three times I went to see him. The trainer would offer up excuses for why I hadnt been put in contact with the dietician, when I asked about the diet plan pretty much every time we spoke. It was always the dietician is busy, shell call you in a few days. nThe trainer took my money, knowing what medical conditions I had. The trainer had assured me my medical issues would not make a difference but once he got my money he decided that it was too risky to train me without a doctors note. So to recap he took 2000 from me for training services, told me he couldnt train me and he also couldnt give me my money back. I dont know if he intentionally meant to defraud the disabled or if that was just a convenient accident. nFor two months Conversations were had about the money. I allowed the trainer to negotiate with my brother-in-law because I personally felt his conversations with me were extremely uncomfortable and he was using verbal intimidation and ignoring what I plainly told him I expected. nThese talks went on for weeks because the trainer always had a reason why he couldnt give the money back He would say he was too busy to talk and hed call next week. then hed say he needed time to calculate what I owed him for the work hed donethen someone was sick, then someone died, then he was out of town. nOn December 12 I spoke to the trainer on the phone, he said he would email me but not before he yelled at me and was completely unprofessional in every way possible. I received an email stating he admitted to owing me 1600. He was going to charge me 80 dollars for various conversations that he had over the last several week, which wouldnt have happened if he had given me my money when I originally asked for it. nIn the email he stated he would mail a check within the week. A week has past and no check has come my way. Over all I am extremely unhappy with this entire experience. I feel that I have been used on a number of levels that go beyond just being unprofessional.

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