Dynamic Solar


I was contacted by Dynamic Solar for solar installation at my house. I’m kinda big in the renewable energy game and I do my best to help save the earth from all the pollution. But Dynamic Solar has made my life a living hell!

They must’ve gotten my number and email from Instagram page where I post all of my awareness images and videos. But I’m not sure. First of all, they called me almost everyday at 2 o’clock for 4 days. When I finally picked up, they convinced me to show me a live meeting. They told me that my electrcity bills will vanish and the panels will repay their cost in 10 years. At that time I had just landed a great job and wanted to invest some money and solar seemed like the perfect choice, little did I know that it would be an absolute mess. I endedup signing a contract with them and the installers from Dynamic Solar came the next Monday. The installation went off smoothly at least I thought it did. Me and my SO were happy and excited to go solar honestly. For a month everything seemed fine but as soon as the weather changed, the reality seeped from the ceiling. There was water EVERYWHERE! It ruined our new carpet, almost ruined my TV too! As I was trying to stop the water with buckets and saucepans, I hoped it was a nightmare, but if it was, then I’m still there because now the buckets are a tradition. Whenever it rains, we have to put buckets below the main leaks and throw away the water every hour. Dynamic Solar denies to take any responsibility for the leaks and they even refuse to pay for the repairs. I’ve gotten the roof fixed more than 3 times but the panel installation is soo bad that the fixes don’t seem to work.A solar installation done bad can deteriorate even eth best of teh best panels. And those panels cost money, real money.

Dynamic Solar refuses to take responsibility and now I’m stuck with a decade long contract with them!!

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