E-470 Public Highway Authority Review


I don’t use toll roads or express lanes – I tried it once a couple of years ago and swore I would never do it again because of this reason: | E-470 Public Highway Authority didn’t bill me for 3 months; then, when I finally recieved a bill, there were more late fees than actual charges. When I called to contest the late charges, they denied that they hadn’t previously sent a bill. Not knowing what else to do, I paid the bill and made it clear that I would never EVER use their toll roads again. | Now, a couple of years later, I receive a random bill from them again – same as before, it has more late fees than actual charges on it. I called to contest it again and they claim that I used an express lane on I-25. The date they gave me was, in fact, a date that I was in the denver area, but I DO NOT USE TOLL ROADS OR EXPRESS LANES – EVER! | If I was in an express lane, it was not clearly marked, and I want to see proof before I pay the bill. Even if I was ACCIDENTALLY in an express lane, why am I not being billed in a timely manner before 2 months of late fees are assessed. This company is a fraud! | What recourse of action do I have?

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