E.A. Emporio Collection 81829 M Review


It was a nice evening in London. On the 26 th of July I was on my way to the hotel around 6:00. I heard someone calling ” please

one moment “”. I looked at the direction where the shout came from. I think it was a blue BMW X3. There sat a black haired white guy between 40 and 50 years I guess. I went over to him. He started talking in a mixture of Italian and English. He were representative of a fashion company. They had a show in London and he had some remaining samples of Emporio

each worth more than one 1000 Pounds. He had lost more than 4000 Pounds in a casino and now he had no money to fill his tank for the way back to Italy. he didnt want to draw with card

because he was afraid of his wife. He told me he could give me two leather jackets for whatever I might give him. I had only 30 Pounds and 30 in my wallet. He said that wasnt enough. The jacket looked truly pretty nice

the left wheeled car very tidy inside and the guy himself nicely dressed and well shaved. he spoke sincerely and despite broken english very convincing. I told him we can go to a petr station and I will fill the tank for him paying with card and then he can have my bank number and transfere the money. He refused and said in an honest

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