Earthwell Energies Nicholson Pennsylvania Review


Jon Peach of Earthwell Energies took $32,000 from my family last summer to install a geothermal heating and cooling system. This system after one winter fails to function properly every time the outside temp dips below 0-5 degrees (that happens often here). He also only installed heat ducts in only two of the three floors of our home. He also snuck a 4 ton system into our home while quoting and charging for a 5 ton. Earthwel also promised a 5x efficiency guarantee. The system has cost over $1,000 more to operate than quoted. He has failed to do anything to correct these issues, broken off contact, and refused to make good on his 5x efficiency cost guarantee. The website is now down. Be careful of Jon Peach

Dallas, Pennsylvania USA


Cooling & Ventilation, Heating

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