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I bought a pet safety gate (listed as new) on 9/3 from this seller on E-Bay. It came nine days later without a box, wrapped in a thin piece of brown paper and virtually no padding materials. The gate was damaged. I immediately contacted the seller and informed him/her of the situation and requested a prepaid return label to return the item. I explained the situation about the gate being damaged. I got no response. For the next four days, I contacted the seller multiple times. No response. I would never have bought from this seller had they not stated in their ad that customer service was important to them and for the customer to communicate with them about the purchase before leaving feedback. In fourteen years on EBay, I have had 3-4 bad experiences. I rarely return anything, and I almost always give excellent feedback. I mention this because I am not a bad buyer or a complainer. I filed a dispute with E-Bay/Paypal and immediately won the dispute, but was told that I had to pay to send the pet gate back. First, this is extremely unfair to the buyer. It will cost me about half of what the gate is worth to send it back. Second, it is punishing me for the seller’s lack of care in packing. Why should I pay to send a damaged item back? I explained this to Paypal and they have issued me a shipping credit so I don’t have to pay to ship it back. However, buyers beware of East Coast Gifts & More aka a70turbo aka NELLA4O. These people lie about their customer service to get your business because they know that if there is an issue that they are not going to correct it. They rely too much on Buyer Protection to take care of their shoddy packing practices. They ignore your e-mails. They are liars, scammers, and bad E-Bayers.

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