East Coast Starz Review


East Coast Starz – founded by Stacie Weil-Fitzgerald seems to be a TOTAL SCAM. The “company” is not conducted with even a single ounce of integrity. | I participated in a “Take” event at Stacie Weil-Fitzgerald’s request and provided tens of thousands of dollars of girls’ high-end apparel and merchandise for a “pop-up” boutique event. As it was a mutual, joint venture, East Coast Starz and my company were supposed to split any profits from the merchandise I provided and was sold at the event, according to our agreement. East Coast Starz and Stacie Weil-Fitzgerald sold my merchandise yet Stacie kept ALL of the profits for herself. Therefore, while I provided the merchandise, Stacie Weil-Fitzgerald received ALL of the revenue from the merchandise and declined to honorably provide me with my percentage of sales. | Please do not get involved with either East Coast Starz and/or Stacie Weil-Fitzgerald! It may end up resulting in an extremely harmful and unfortunate scene.

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