East Jefferson General Hospital Metairie Louisiana Review


When we received the bills, I politely wrote them stating that due to my own breast cancer surgery, treatments and extensive bills that we were paying already, that I was only able to send them $25 a month, which I did. Every other service, ie anesthesia, etc., had no problem excepting my $25 a month. Every month I would get a letter stating they wanted the entire payment and I would respond again that it needed to be financed along with a $25 check. Then I received a letter from Stanley Kottemann, attorney for Telerecovery. I promptly called, stated that I was not denying that we owed it, but there was no way I could pay it in full. I was told they wanted it in full immediately, nothing else. Regardless, I kept paying East Jefferson Hospital $25 a month, (which they accepted) and now we are being sued! When my husband went to their office today to explain that we did not have the money to pay the full amount, now they say we’re responsible for legal fees also, to the tune of $600 more! If I didn’t have $1600, where the hell am I supposed to get $2200???? Law firms like this are the scum of the earth and I wish nothing but ill will to them. They do not know how to deal with the average person. It’s all about the money. Ochsner is such a better medical institution. Their staff is completely professional and they understand REAL people. They immediately combined all of my medical bills together and set up an interest free payment plan that could work in our budget. OCHSNER is the only way now. I will tell everyone that will listen of our horrible history with East Jefferson General Hospital and advise them STRONGLY, not to use them.

4200 Houma Blvd. Metairie, Louisiana USA




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