Eastlink Complaint


About 6 months ago I had a problem trying to get wifi removed They tried to do it over the phone and broke my hone vip and knocked me offline They could not fix it so I said you broke it you fix it They sent a guy to fix it Which took about 5 min Ok Great A week later I got my new monthly bill and they charged me $80 to fix what they broke I called and complained about what They broke So I should not have to pay $80 They said they would get back to me after about 20 min of argument About a week later I got a call say they have decided to refund my money Ok great 2 weeks later when I go my new monthly bill my bill was $13 more per month So I called again and they said they made an ajustment to my account…So they got there money back this way and more A SCAM then today I was on the net and Eastlink popped up with another scam Spin the dial and try to win a Samsung phone I spun and it said Congrate you have won so I went on with it when you try to collect your NEW phone HAHA you get directed to another scam site Los Vegas but no way to collect phone. This happened months ago also and I won famous face cream Just pay $6.95 shipping I did and guess what I never received face cream Another scam. You ask why am I still with Eastlink is because I am in a Eastlink installed apartment building and I have no choice Always check your bill and Never reply to eastlink scams online

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