EBay Motors/Sandra Kenneh


Consumer was on Offer UP looking for a car. She found a 2006 NIssan for sale and clicked on it. A woman asked for your email address so that she could send pictures of the car and further information, which was received. The woman who contacted the consumer was Sandra Kenneh, email address [email protected] She told the consumer that she had EBay Renter’s Insurance that would allow her to ship the car from Virginia to the consumer in Ohio to test drive for 5 or 6 days at a cost of $1,000. The consumer was emailed all details and was told that EBay Motors would keep the consumer’s $1,000 in escrow until the consumer was able to test drive the car and determine if she wanted to purchase it. If the consumer wanted to purchase the car she would let EBay Motors know and they would send the money to Sandra Kenneh. If the consumer did not want the car the money would be sent back to the consumer. The consumer then received an invoice via email from [email protected] The email then instructed the consumer to purchase EBay gift cards, telling her that the maximum amount that could be loaded on an EBay gift card was $500. She was then told to send the gift cards to EBay Motors, but provided no address to send them to EBay Motors. The invoice does not list any information or address for EBay Motors. It only lists Sandra Kenneh’s address – Sandra Kenneh, 8725 John J. Kingman Rd., #235, Fort Belboir, VA 22060. The consumer was told that once she purchased the gift cards she should email the numbers on the gift cards to EBay Motors.

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