Ebay username josepha2706 Janesville Wisconsin


Complaint: I found this seller on eBay and I almost bought an autographed Reggie White card, but it was too cheap. So I looked at his other listings, not only do they all look like he pened the autos himself, but on some of his sold listings he has included fake certificates of authenticity. I reported him to eBay that did nothing. I also reported all of his fake Tom Brady cards to TriStar. TriStar contacted eBay, and then all Tom Brady cards were removed. If you look at the sellers sold items you will find some that sold with certificates of authenticity. They are fake! Some are certified by the players themselves. If you check his feedback you will see that he just got feedback that says “fake autograph”” It is very obvious that he is selling fake autographs! Do not buy from this seller. Also I recommend that you report his listings to eBay. The more reports they get perhaps they will do something about him. I have also reported him to the police

Tags: Ebay Seller, Fake Autographs

Address: and the better business bureau. Don’t get scammed by this lowlife.”


Phone: Las Vegas, Nevada United States

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