Ebb Daicos – Lilydale, Minnesota Minnesota


When I went on maternity leave with my first child almost 8 years ago this home wrecker took over my position! This is how long she has wanted to get her hands on my husband! She happily gloated about this! So when our relationship was going through some tough times (I was pregnant with our 4th child) she took full advantage and got her way! Having a raging affair with him off and on for two years! Now I know it takes two to tango! And he has done his fair share of damage lying cheating in the first place but for goodness sake have some respect and some dignity! Move on so we can rebuild our marriage and our relationship without you! Go and find yourself someone else to marry and have babies with! Leave my family and my husband alone you have done more than enough damage! I still hold onto hope because I know after almost 18 years we have the foundation to be able to rebuild our marriage! And we will one day!

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