Eckard Enterprises, LLC.


Troy Eckard of Eckard Enterprises LLC, and Con Amor Holdings, is offering investments in Costa Rica that are absolutely ridiculous, and which he does not own. | On his web page, Troy Eckard, of Eckard Enterprises offers three options. By calling these properties “Con Amor Holdings” you get the idea that he has actually purchased these properties, but he has NOT. A simple check of the Costa Rican National Registry shows the properties to still be in the name of the same owner. He does not own the properties he calls his holdings! At most, he has contracted to purchase the properties, and Troy Eckard appears to be marking them up to his investors. Do not be a sucker! | “Con Amore III” is an investment Troy Eckard is marketing on his web page. It says “15 room hotel with 36 condo expansion”. That is a joke! First off, if you want to build 36 condos, then buy a property for building 36 condos and do not buy a hotel. | The property Troy Eckard is markinting is actually the Hotel Tabulia Tree. Formerly known as Hotel Mirador del Pacifico, and restaurant Bamboo Jam. The area where Troy Eckard is pretending to build 36 condos is affected by the Quepos Zoning Plan, and is designated as ZONA PROTECTION FORESTAL (protected forestry zone). You can NOT build 36 condos here! Period. | Troy Eckard obviously has no idea about the laws of Costa Rica. But then again, it would appear is he also working here illegally on a tourist visa that does not permit him to be working here at all. He has no credentials in Costa Rican real estate or development. He does not seem to know the first thing about development law in Costa Rica. To pretend to build 36 condos on a very steep hill, that is almost impossible to get a road up too, much less parking for 36 condos, and in a protected forestry zone, is absolutely ridiculous. Is Troy Eckard just trying to get investors to invest in marked-up properties, with no regards for project viability, or he is completely ignorant of the laws concerning development here, of which there are many? | Investors should be wary of Trok Eckard’s offerings. Ask if Troy Eckard actually owns them first? Then conduct your own due diligence, and definitely do NOT rely on either Re-Max Realty in Manuel Antonio, or the real estate office of Properties in Costa Rica to give you unbiased information, since they are either equally ignorant, or complicit, in these schemes. Seek reliable information from reliable sources. Investigate the possibility of building 36 condos in a ZPF (zona protection forestal) with the appropriate authorities, such as the housing institute, INVU, and the ministry of environment (SINAC) before putting a dime out of your pocket. Why do you think no one else has built there in all these years? Troy Eckard acts like he has the Midas touch, and that everything is easy here, but he is not the first gringo with this idea. One of the prior owners tried to do the same as Troy Eckard, and found it to be absolutely impossible. | Is Troy Eckard in the business of contracting properties and then marking them up significantly to unknowing investors, and selling “concepts” that are not feasible? Investigate before investing. | Check the facts. Does Troy actually own ANY of the properties he calls his “holdings”???? What is the REAL price of these properties? Who is the actual owner? Is the proposed project Troy Eckard is pitching to his investors even legal under Costa Rican law? Does Try Eckard even know if it is legal, or not? Does he even care? Is he working illegally in Costa Rica, and taking advantage of people? | You be the judge.

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