I applied for this job on as an office assistant/ business developer. I got hired after I did a virtual interview & was told that I would be hired as a business developer. This was supposed to be a company that dealt with engineering, construction and security. I later spoke with the regional manager Nicholas Brito in regards to the job duties. I began doing work for company such as finding prospects that would benefit from the company services. The pay was supposed to had been $4,500 a month. So later on in between us communicating, he discussed that I would have to make a purchase of a laptop & printer and the rest of the funds would be mines. I received a check for $3,700 on Sept. 28 & was told to deposit the funds into my bank account as a way of proof along with the receipt of how the money is to be spent. I was told not to purchase the laptop but to wait before purchasing the laptop and printer. The check cleared the next day. On Sunday, Sept. 30th, I spent right at $1,564.05 from the check as a portion of my pay for the work that I did for the company. On Monday, October 1st, my account had a hold placed on it and the bank called and told me that the check came back fraudulently. They asked did I receive it randomly in the mail and I told her no & that I was actually working for this company. They told me that the teller should have caught it or placed a longer hold on the check before making it Available so soon. I thought I landed a good paying job but all I landed was a scam and a-$1,564.05 balance that my bank says that I would have to pay.

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