Complaint: ECMC has been hounding me about my student loan for 25 years. I am 69 years old and on social security and took out this loan 25 years ago. I filed a Chapter 13 prior to 2012 and they were included and received money yet they refuse to give me anything that shows what they were paid. I heard nothing from them for over 10 years and then low and behold they started with the default letters again. I thought this was taken care of with the Chapter 13 and that they received money from that filing. But I grew tired of their harrassment and agreed to $50.00 a month which I paid for about 4 months. Then I received a letter from them in 2015 saying that I had been overpaying them and that due to my bankruptcy, they owed me a refund They sent a check for about $139.00. I thought surely this was finally over but nooooooooooo. Prior to my income tax refund being sent to me, i received notice that they had taken my state taxes in the amount of over $500.00. Naturally I tried to contact the number on the notice I had gotten,but only got a voicemail message telling me I still owed some $700.00. I called the only number that worked and that was on their old stationary and got a customer service rep that told me they did not have any copy of the letter on my account. I faxed it to them but heard nothing back from them. Then they took my state tax money, $514 and later $138 of my federal money as well. I called and talked to Alexus who told me I should send the letter again, (the same number). I grew tired of the runaround so asked for a manager who gave me yet another number to fax it to and suggested I mail in the letter. I certified the letter and it was 10 days before they finally picked up the letter and to date, March 27, I do not have the signed confirmation that they have the letter. The letter states: We recently reviewed your federal student loan accvount held by ECMC during your bankruptcy. We determined that you are entitled to a refund of the enclosed amount previously offset by the Department of Treasure on behalf of Dept of Education for repayment of your defaulted student loan. Of course the number they leave has since been disconnected. I am of the belief that I will have to take legal action against these crooks and feel that with the amount of fradulent complaints a huge suit should be put against them or government intervention as they are protraying themselves as honest and available to help innocent college students get monies for college and from what I have read, they fradulently take monies that are not theirs and then they give you the run around when you try to sort it out. I plan to contact my bankruptcy attorney on this matter and perhaps a call or letter from them will speed up the return of my monies. I am retired and on a very limited budget, have been a foster parent and have adoptedf one of our boys so am still parenting. This is disgraceful that no one is able to do anything to these dishonest people. You have to wonder how they sleep at night. I am open to anyone that wants to climb aboard and get these guys and any media coverages or whatever can be done, count me in.

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