Ecole Jean Jacques Rousseau Austin Texas


Complaint: I moved from Dallas back to Austin to enroll my daughter in EJJR for 3 main reasons. 1. They claimed to offer Arabic and since that is the native language of my daughter’s surname, it was important to me. 2. They offered a scholarship. I was planning to homeschool originally, but thought if I could find a school that offered Arabic AND a scholarship that this would be a way for her to learn it. 3. There was a good balance of arts and play time to offset the rigorous academics. I was told by Hind, the owner/director that EJJR was a Montessori based system that let kids learn at their own pace with plenty of art activities and outdoor time. I was told they offered Arabic, and that my daughter could qualify for the scholarship in 1st grade. 3 months later, after I had moved, signed the contract, and paid almost $5,000 in tuition/fees , she said Lilian would not be eligible until at least 3rd grade! I should have walked away right then, but I convinced myself that it was my mistake. Later, I found the emails that proved she lied. This was a big deal because I had already given up my entire life savings and committed to paying $8,000 for kindergarten the following year. I was counting on that scholarship. I was already renting out two rooms at home and sharing a bedroom with my child to pay the tuition. Then she says Lily has to stay in preK again because she didn’t learn enough French yet. That was another year of tuition to come up with. I was earning well under the poverty level and getting very little child support. I know it was beyond my finances, but I thought I’d be able to catch up once the scholarship kicked in. I was a shoe in! I was making about $20,000 a year, I am a single mother and my 7 year old has the reading comprehension of a freshman in college! I was invested so much and my daughter said she wanted to be there, so I ignored the little red flags. Even some bigger ones. I know now how deeply I was being manipulated with psychological tactics. In the end, after 3 and a half years at EJJR, my daughter didn’t even learn so much as the alphabet in Arabic. The school was as bad or worse than any military school where even the arts are no fun because they scream at your child if she forgets a line or the words to a song, even if she is only 4 or 5 years old and the words are not in her native language. As for the scholarship, that was just another lie. When I mentioned that my child would finally be eligible for the scholarship the following year (we had been there for 3 1/2 years paying full tuition), Hind looked at me and said “There’s no money in the scholarship fund. (as if I was crazy to bring it up) You have to go out and find the donations for the scholarship fund yourself.”” If that wasn’t enough to make me go postal

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Address: I found out later that she secretly gave free tuition to a girl who had just arrived at the school that year even though her parents were married and their income was 4 times what mine was. Not only that

Website: Hind told me that the school was in trouble so she had to raise he tuition or else the school would go under. I took yet another loan only to find out later that other families were not asked to pay the extra money. I made less income than any other parent in that school

Phone: but I was made to pay an extra $2

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