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Complaint: Ben Farrell from ECONOMY COPIERS came out to our business on 11-5-2015 to repair a commercial Ricoh Aficio CL7300 printer. He said the error code on the machine (SC542) indicated that the fusing unit needed to be completely rebuilt, and he had to order the $400.00 part. He needed $127.50 for the service call, plus a down payment for the parts for a total of $273.95 (including tax). He was paid via business check, and promised to have the parts and return to repair within a week. Over 20 days passed, and no word from Ben or the company. Attempts to reach anyone at the original number used resulted in being re-routed through an AT&T phone system. After some on-line research, I discovered that the SC542 Error code was a temperature sensor related error, and could simply be cleared/reset. That particular error code DOES NOT indicate that the fusing unit requires an expensive rebuild (unlike what Ben Farrell said and charged me for). I was able to find and follow on-line directions and clear the code, making my printer fully functional again. I also discovered that Ben Farrell, Thomas Farrell and Aaron Farrell (possibly all the same person) run a prolific network of copier repair websites all over CA, WA and OR. One of the other business names is Aaron’s Copiers. They have postal box addresses for different business locations all over each state, as well as dozens of AT&T telephone numbers that are linked back and forth across their multiple web sites. Web searches for copier repair on major browsers tend to lead a searcher back to one of their man sites, made to look like separate businesses. Further research revealed complaints about these men and their “business”” on Ripoff Scams and other sites. After calling 20+ different numbers from their various sites

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: I found one that Ben Farrell answered. I got him to agree to come back out and finish the job; he showed up on 11-25-2015

Website: and ran back to his van when I told him he had scammed me. Ben Farrell is a SCAM ARTIST and preys on unsuspecting people in need of expensive and necessary office equipment repair. Other on-line businesses that Ben Farrell is associated with are Aaron’s Copiers ([email protected])

Phone: wanting $250.00 to finish the job

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