EcoQuest Int’l Shelby North Carolina Review


I have been an EcoQuest distributor for several years. I believed everything the company said in seminars and conferences. I believed their printed literature. It has been less than two weeks since I began to see complaints about EcoQuest products and the company. Honestly, it never occured to me to search the Internet for complaints. nI **did** start to search the Internet on Feb. 9th, 2009, in an attempt to find relief from my allergy and/or asthma. I have been sick for over six months. I attributed it to an allergy to a cat I adopted in August 2008. Allergy remedies did not alleviate my suffering. Eye drops did not relieve the itchy, burning eyes. I had an expensive allergy test that indicated I had no allergies!! nI’ve documented my search for an answer on my “blog””: . On Feb. 9th

I started my search with the word “”asthma”” and read many sites

and connecting links. Somewhere in the process I saw the three words ASTHMA AND OZONE. It was my “”eureka”” moment because I instantaneously “”knew”” that was the answer. I had two EcoQuest air purification units cranked up to 3000 square feet (in a 1000 square feet apartment). Furthermore

when I left my apartment I wore an EcoQuest Fresh Air “”Buddy”” Personal Air Purifier on a cord around my neck. (Actually

I was so sick I rarely left the apartment!!) Because of winter weather

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