Ed Schmidt Auto Perrysburg Ohio


Complaint: I am wholly and completely unsatisfied with Ed Schmidt. Sales people are rude, and treat you like an idiot.More importantly, service is a bunch of crooks. 3 times they could not fix my seat,But they charges me anyways. Seat is working, but looks like hell.Now they charged me $160 to fix electrical problem. They could only disconnect the dome light. Next day, it didn’t start again. It was returned not fixed, and now they claim they cannot fix it. I can wait til November, when he regular (and Only) Saab repairman returns from medical leave, until then I am screwed.I was looking to buy a used car there, and was excited when they advertised they would give $3,000 for any trade in. But when I called on Sunday, they were closed, they were closed Monday for Labor Day as well. Tuesday they said that offer was no longer any good, only on the weekend, which apparently just meant Saturday.But they said they do buy cars and bring it in for an offer. When I brought in the Saab Arc 9-3 2004 convertible-Ooops! we are not looking for convertibles. Same crappy attitude as always.When I bought this car online, I was excited. I loved driving it. But Saab does not let anyone work on their cars but them (maybe one reason they are going out of business). And if you live in Northwest Ohio, that means being screwed by the jerks at Ed Schmidt.Do Not buy any car from these people, you will regret it for years to come.

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Address: 26875 North Dixie Hwy. Perrysburg, Ohio United States of America

Website: edschmidtperrysburg.com/

Phone: 888-292-4072

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