EdisonNation Complaint


Beware Inventors this is the best scam cooked up in a long time. Edision Nation, owned by Louis Foreman is sending out emails to their insiders and publishing on the internet the 25 million Dollar innovation fund. Just read it, it sounds great, WRONG! BEWARE! Foreman and Edison Nation are preying on the uninformed inventor and asking for idea submissions for the low fee of $25 per idea. If the “Select” their idea, because the have a Magic Mirror for predicting success, Foreman may invest 250k to develop it. Here is where you need to see the BS in this contest. First if all your $25 will go into the Edision Nation Pocketbook. Second, how can Edison Nation possibly evaluate an idea for $25. Third You should be concerned that others may submit the same idea as you and Edison Nation may overlook your idea. Face it we invenotrs are mostly improving the products that exist in the marketplace so do you really think they will do their homework? I don”t The mere fact is Louis Foreman”s company is hoping you say what most people will, its only $25 so what the hell it better than spending thousands. For every thousand people who feel this way, Edison Nation will receive $25, 000. Essentially you are buying a $25 dollar lottery ticket, oh and by the way the lottery is a money making machine too. I don”t doubt you will here Edison Nation and Foreman is going to invest in a few of these $25 dollar ideas, they will have to to keep up this scam. I expected much more from the company who sends me emails on a regular basis. This one made my stomach sick, now I question the integrity of Edison Nation, Inventors Digest and Foreman. Just Beware Inventors, we are constantly tempeted by this behavior. Think

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