EDUCATION CONNECTION, deceived and lie to workers. This company repeatedly misinform and denies its school bus drivers their right to collecting unemployment benefits that are rightfully in the off-school activities, with this policy EDUCATION CONNECTION saves a significant amount to not pay the state of Connecticut, leaving in misery to their employees who have no other means of how to pay their bills during these periods. THEY DO NOT CARE !!!! The denial of these benefits WHEN the company IS informed that there is a court decison (Gioia v. Education Connection, Board Case No. 1827-BR-12 (05.03.2013) which states that the company is not an EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION and have to pay those benefits. In doing so knowing that they are violating a court decision they are committing a legal offense. In the case Ricardo Feliu v. Education Connection (Case No. 3666-DD-14 (1/21/2015)) such decision is reiterated, however the workers still remain uninformed and THE COMPANY REFUSE TO INFORM TO THEN THAT they are entitled to receive these benefits. There have been several complaint to both the Labor Department, and the Governor of the State and we hope that many people send copy of this menssage the company email: EDUCATIONCONNECTION.ORG, (email address removed by admin), HUGHES @ EDUCATION CONNECTION.ORG We hope that these workers receive what they deserve and the company received the punishment it deserves

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