Education Management Corporation (EDMC) Complaint


Before you spend your money on one of the EDMC schools you should have an idea where your money is going. If you are an American Citizen and/or over 55 this is not the place to work. I was pushed so hard that I was forced to take a medical leave and was terminated within 2 weeks of returning to work. My immediate manager was a person who flew off the handle at me when he couldn’t understand what I was trying to say. Maybe a better grasp of the English language would have helped. The person who hired me used to have me come in his office and he would launch into tirades about how stupid other managers in the company were and liberally lace his comments with filthy language. The best part was when he called me at home and would yell so loud that my family could hear him. Why was I terminated? Because of a gesture which was unacceptable. No warnings, no conversations about the incident, you’re terminated. Of course this was after being told that contrary to my 30+ years in the IT industry and numerous excellence awards on my desk and walls that I was regarded by my managers as “Having ZERO confidence that I could perform the task.” A few months prior I had received a “solid performer” work review. One manager referred to me as an “old bald guy” sight unseen. Yes, I am old, but am 6’3″, 225 pounds with a full head of natural brown hair, a little gray around the edges. I also am a 4th degree black belt and until recently a girls basketball coach. All that aside I have more than likely been replaced by a $72 an hour foreign consultant who by contract gets flown wherever they want on weekends including Disneyland, SeaWorld and Las Vegas. Like 90% of the department I worked in. So if you’re considering working for EDMC or attending one of their colleges I’d seriously consider where most of their money goes to and in a time of record unemployment in the USA.

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