Educational Awakening Center Los Angeles California


Complaint: After my original review was removes from Yelp, likely because the owner, Ariya Malek, paid to have it removed, I decided to do my part to warn people about wasting their money on this scam therapy pyramid scheme. There are 5 classes, they costs thousands ewch, they’re full of completely desperate and lost people looking for a miracle cure. What they get is an instructor who gets off on profanity, racial slurs (calles one guy a c***k with narrow eyes and another girl a Mexican who keeps popping out babies as a teen) sleep deprivation, classes run from 10 am to 1 am with no scheduled food breaks…only when the instructor feels like letting you out. The most fascinating part was having peer pressuring the entire class to put their heads in the toilet of the LAX Hilton and flush while yelling I am worthy … (one would think that’s an oxymoron, but hey, they’re the professionals right?! Once everyone was berated and degraded to the instructors liking, then they all hug and listen to silly music, dance and stare into each other’s eyes to incite some emotion. At one point they had us close our eyes and pretend we were clicking out inner child into car seats and waving goodbye to them…it was all so childish and silly and some incredibly damaged peiple were bawling at the top of their lungs…there were moments I wanted to actually laugh and other times I felt like I had a insiders view I to a psych ward. The entire 4 days were has dropping…and not in a good way. The staff, all former students look like they have had lobotomies…they don’t look at you, speak to you or shoe any emotion besides bowing down to the coach. To say this is a cult is an understatement. But hey, if you have a couple thousand bucks to throw away…go see for yourself. It’s a fabulous s*hit show of the most amazing train wreck of nutjobs you’ve ever seen. Just know you can’t take your own water, have to ask for permission to go potty and need to be escorted by one of the brain dead staff members each time. By the time you get home at 2 am each night, you’ll wish you and your inner child were dead. Enjoy!

Tags: Con Artists

Address: 18345 Ventura Bl Tarzana, California USA


Phone: 818-705-6979

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