EEOC / HHC Review


EEOC is refusing to forward a copy of my file to me under F.O.I.A. (Freedom of Information Act). This case is from when I was FORCED to resign from my previous employer, which was reported on numerous occasions to the perpetrator, as well as the Director of Human Resources upon my FORCED resignation from Hilton Hotels Corporation due to: -Sex Discrimination (federal offense); -Sexual Harassment by Management in the presence of other employees (federal offense); -Hostile Work Environment (federal offense). Previous employer mentioned supra I was forced to resign from was under a federal monitor for Theft of Proprietary Information & Theft of Intellectual Property Rights from one of its competitors. My previous employer had to pay this competitor approximately $153,000,000.00 for these criminal offenses. I could go into more detail, but I could explain it better over the phone. Thank you. Daniel L Plaintiff / Victim 504-xxx-xxxx

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