Eevee (Manty) Cooley – Ft. Myers, Florida Florida


She f***** my boyfriend/father of my 4 month old. While she was dating his best friend. Oh, and she might have given us all herpes.- The story. This girl had a lot of mutual acquaintances in the area where my boyfriend and I (of 3 years) moved too mid 2017. She had the ‘I was abused in my last relationship’ complex, so I befriended and tried to empower her. I let her move in and helped her get her job back at my job. (My bf and I both worked there) She started dating my bf’s best friend. (Who also worked with us.) I was pregnant when I let her move in and we became the best of friends, truly in separable over this last year. Around Feb 2018 she moved out with her bf, who is/was a great guy. Then she started making problems in their relationship and trying to cut us off from each other so we couldn’t talk about it. Sadly, I blindly fell for it. So did her bf. So, she always had kind of an attention seeking personality, but I just chalked it up to the abuse in her life. But then she started getting overly close and friendly with my boyfriend. Now, she was aware he was a recovering sex addict and knew way too much about him. She fished for some info, but other info I mistakenly gave her in random conversations throughout our friendship. So when these ‘problems’ with her bf started, I offered her a place to stay, even helped her get her stuff from their place. Told her she could move in without hesitation. Around 4/1/18 Little did I know, she had been sleeping with him since early/mid march 2018. (that I know of!) She would come over, knowing I wasn”t home, then would physically pursue him. They began talking over snapchat and messaging each other inappropriately. The only reason why I found out, I accidentally stumbled on her email, signed in on his phone. She was sending herself screenshots of the messages and pictures they would exchange. She even went so far as too ‘swing by the apt’ to get me my anxiety meds because I had a bad feeling about what he was doing. She was over there with him already, covering him with hickeys and doing God knows what. So, aside from all that. They didnt use protection and she has herpes. (Not shit talking her, she legitimately does. Even has medicine for it.) So not only are we still in limbo finding out if she gave it to my boyfriend, but also if she gave it to me, and if I gave it to my 4 month old son via breastfeeding. She still hasn’t apologized to me, in fact the only thing she said to me was, “you won’t like my answer. I’m a f***** up person, I’m an a**hole.” When I asked her how she could do it to me. So, she turned our workplace into an anxiety riddled test of my self control. By recanting her resignation and manipulating our management. She goes by Eevee Kawaiiaf. She played house with my baby. Cheated on a great guy. Pretended to be my best friend. Took advantage of my boyfriends sex addiction. Refuses to apologize. And still has the balls to show her face at work. And has an incurable std that she does not inform her sexual partners about. Please, be careful. I won’t know if she gave me herpes for another 3-6 weeks.

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