Efficient Home Services Reviews and Complaints 2021


I feel like a total idiot right now. A friend of mine talked me into getting into this solar thing and referred me to Efficient Home Services. I wanted to do something about climate change so I decided Iíll get some solar panels installed at my house.

I was going to go to Elonís company, but their reviews were terrible, and I didnít want to risk thousands of dollars, so I went with EHS. And that was a dumb decision on my part. The company has dozens of reviews everywhere and all of them praise the company for its customer service. Well, for me this was not the reality because after they got me into a contract the companyís service took a nosedive.

Waiting on calls, repairs, etc. I didnít sign up for this! But guess what? Now Iím totally stuck in a contract with the worst solar company in Florida and thereís nothing I can do about it except come here and gripe.

This is my first ever online review and probably the last one. Iím only making this review because no one is telling the freaking truth about EHS. I know I wouldnít want my parents to end up in a decade-long contract with this company.

Avoid Efficient Home Services Florida man! This company is not what it seems like on the internet. I paid the price of trusting those reviews. And those were some darn convincing ones they post nowadays. Maybe my particular case is an anomaly and EHS just hates me, but I think thatís pretty unlikely.

Now Iím getting tired so Iíll stop. I am curious about how there are so many good reviews of EHS if they are so bad.

Overall, EHS Florida has horrible service for customers and they have deceptive marketing.

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