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Complaint: On 8/1/2016 while at Las Vegas Market (ASD), I was charged $10,144.50 for products I could have purchased for $1276.61. Credit card charges of $7244.50 and check for $2900. I have no itemized receipt for the product sold to me. Also, looking through the box I received, I did not receive what I was shown at market, I remember there were two long black boxes that were termed eye treatments which was the first purchase of $2900 (with check), I received only one black box. I did not order Vivo Per Lei Milk Cleanser Lotion 2.7 oz or Vivo Per Lei Purifying Facial toner, 2.7 oz. This is what I received, annotated is the online price for the product you charged me $10,144.50 for: Hexalin Expression Corrective Cream, 2.4 0z 99.00 Truffoire Fine Line Filler, .46 oz 450.00 Vivo Per Lei Cell Renewing Night Cream, 1.7 oz 7.79 Divine Dead Sea Tightening Face Lift, 1.5 oz 149.99 Vivo Per Lei Milk Cleanser Lotion, 2.7 oz 8.95 (Did not order) Vivo Per Lei Vitamin C Repairing Serum, 1.22 oz 26.20 Dead Sea Hexalin Elastic Lift Thermal Mask, 2.04 oz 104.99 Dead Sea Intensive Firming Eye Serum, 1.7 oz 118.50 Vivo Per Lei Purifying Facial Toner, 2.7 oz 8.25 (Did not order) BOXED AS SET DSC Hexalin Intensive Revival Facial Serum, 1.7 oz 98.95 Hexalin Elastic Lift Thermal Mask, 2.4 oz 104.99 Hexalin Expression Corrective Cream, 2.4 oz 99.00 The above product totals 1276.61 if purchased online, I was told that this product was not available online. I also told the salesperson if I found this online cheaper, I would return this product. This was a high pressure salesperson that would not let his prey go. Based on the above analysis, I am owed $1623.39 after I am credited for credit card charges. OR, I can return this box of unopened product and can be refunded my $2900. I was told this product produced permanent results, after checking with a dermatologist was told that this is just a temporary fix. So, I did not only NOT receive what I was shown at Market, the product was grossly misrepresented. Plus I have been cheated monetarily by gouging. . I sent a certified letter to Global Retail, 2705 Eagle Springs Court, Las Vegas, NV and it was returned to me undeliverable. I contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute. Today I was notified that this is a valid charge due to the fact that it was done in person. I do not remember signing my name so many times as this paperwork in front of me shows. Also, return policy stated that product must be returned within 24 hours and there will be a 25% restocking fee. I received no receipt for this product. The paperwork I received reversing the charges show an additional address of El Retail, LLC, 6299 Tillman Crest Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89139-6868 This box remains in tact and product has not been disturbed (no seals broken) or opened awaiting outcome of this action. Handwritten response from seller is dated 11/4/2016 and is unsigned (no name to respond to). The phone is not answered when I call. It is like this individual fell off the face of the earth. Filed a complaint with ASD Market in Las Vegas.

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Address: 2705 Eagle Springs Court Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Phone: 7025618189

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