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Complaint: Thanks for your email, I personally own the house, I want my property to be well taken good care of, and there are some rules and regulation in which I do give out to tenant who are willing to rent my house so please don’t disrespect my order But if you are still capable of renting my house the rules and regulation goes this way, You must keep my house clean including the surrounding, you must know the way in which you use the stove so as to avoid fire outbreak,you must not disturb the neighbor.I decided to rent out the property due to our transfer to (West Africa) on a Missionary Work by my church here,so we are renting it out since we need someone to take good care of the property on our absent. Don’t be surprise if you find the home with another site and deference price, I have plan to rent it through Real estate before, but they are not serious simply because they have a lot of house to lease out And they added some money to the rent while there commission is not fair. Have this in mind you must know the kind of person that I’m nevertheless I am giving you this rules because of what corresponded between me and my last tenant. the keys and documents are with us here in West Africa… So I will need to ship them to you before you can occupy the house But you can drive by the house anytime to take a look at the area and surrounding, You can also peek through the windows if you don’t mind.For now we are looking for 4 or 5 years lease or rather lets us know how long you wish to stay.Attn : The rent are including the Utilities are intact such as Dishwasher,Dryer, Electric Stove, Fridge, Washer,Air Condition,Sewage,Trash,all included in the monthly rent,as i am in a governmental programmer that sponsors my utilities on monthly basis etc.Please note that, we are a kind and honest family,that spent a lot on property that is available for rent, so in one accord,we are soliciting for your absolute maintenance of this house and want you to treat it as your own.We want you to keep it tidy all the time so that we shall be glad to see it whenever we are around on a visit. House Address : (76 Creekside Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14150 )SO IF YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED I WILL WANT YOU TO FILL THE RENTAL APPLICATION FORMS BELOW.RENT APPLICATION FORM AND TELL US MORE ABOUT YOU .1) Your Full Name2) Home Phone ?3) Cell Phone Number ?4) Your Full Address :5) How old are you?6) Are you married?7) How many people will be living in the house?8) Do you have a pet?9) What type10) Do you have a car?11) What type?12) Occupation?13) Do you smoke?14) Do you Drink ?15) Do you work at Night ?16) What is your monthly income?17) Reference Contact Name and Address?18) When do you intend Moving in?19) private email :20 ) picture of you and your family?21) When can you pay for your deposit tosecure or move in?==============================PROPERTY DESCRIPTION………..Number of Bedrooms:3Number of baths:1Pets are welcome!!!Size:1,056 sqftRent:$700Refundable security:$600You can give me a call on my Cell Phone: +2348132720447Thanks and God bless you.Regards.Elaine R. Kolb & Family———————————————– Hello (my name), Thanks so much for your completed information given to us , My wife and I have thought about you and we are so much excited to accept you as our new home tenant because you really sounds like kind of person that we are looking to rent our home and I want you to notice that all your information have been approve into our rental file and please do not fail to take very good care of the house and treat it like it was yours because you sounds like a responsible person and we are going to treat you as part of our family in our home. Notice that the monthly rent is:$700 and the refundable security deposit is :$600 Right now you are to come up with the Refundable Security Deposit so that i can talk to my wife to know what to do because we ready to mail the keys and documentation to you as soon as possible your payment confirmed, Please reconfirm your address where to mail the document . i have attached to you a picture of i and my family. Note that the payment will be by Western Union Money Transfer. Elaine R. Kolb & Family ————-HAVE SEEN THIS ONE HERE BEFORE, JUST DIFFERENT ADDRESS/STATE AND NAME————just beware …seems like its legit but after i almost fell for it and decided to dig up some info i found the truth, sad thing is they sent pictures of some random family nd in return wanted my familys photo, probably for their next scam!

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Address: 76 Creekside Drive Tonawanda, New York USA


Phone: +2348132720447

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