Electronic Forms LLC Houston Texas Review


First off, they advertise as a free service business. But once you create all of the documents and what not, they’ll make you sign up for a plan that’s either: 1) 7-days free trial with a $15 a month payment right after the trial, 2) $45 for a single document. Free documents my butt, right? And let’s say you do the logical thing about signing up, you’ll end up with option 1. They make it extremely difficult for you to cancel the trial, and ends up charging you months later a $45 fee instead of $15 a month. By then, it’s too late for a refund because they have a non-refundable policy. EXTREMELY DO NOT RECOMMEND this business to anyone. Keep away and use other sites to save you money from this trash.

90 ALTON RD SUITE 804 Miami Beach, Florida USA

1(855) 779-5770


Home Based Business

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