I contacted through isell.com a person named Bill Jones that was selling mobile phones. I sent my order, and he claimed originally half the money before the package was sent out. When I sent him the down payment through Western Union, he sent me a FedEx slip that was fake (wrong description, wrong weight, his address etc). Once nI logged on the FedEx online tracking system the track no was there, but I was one week later notified that anyone can issue a label if he creates an account in their system and if the package is not given to the company they cancel later on the track no. nOf course after I found that the slip was fake (luckily I didn’t send the rest of the amount), I heard no more from him. nHere is a copy of a portion of one of his messages:n”Listen

i can understand you

but i want you to know that this is legitimate company

so you have nothing to worry about. Well if you have any doubt

here is my company details… nELECTRONICS WORLD LIMITEDnRegistered No. 02581567nAddress. 129 Sycamore St

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