Elisha Pritchett – Port Angelas, Washington Washington


This girl has been talking to my boyfriend of 8 years off and on for 2 years now! We have one kid and I’m pregnant with his second! I’ve told this Girl over and over that we were together and he has a family and she’s just some fantasy chick he likes to jack off too, and over and over again she tells me she’s sorry and she don’t know why she keeps falling for his lies, she has to hide all her calls and messages from me, they have some secret apps they use, that she told me about and so she knows we are together and still continued to contact him sending him naked pics knowing he’s at home with me! So I finally got fed up and booted him out! Told him to go stay with her who lives like 4 hours away!! And even with the pregnancy, he didn’t even seem happy about he wants to be with her now so I hope this Honewrecker likes me taking all his $$ for child support and likes his little tiny dick and fat ass cuz the only reason he talks to her is so he can jack off cuz he’s to fat and lazy to have sex with a real woman!

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