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I still haven’t received the replacement CD he said he sent me on Nov. 9. The original CD was ordered on May 29. I didn’t receive it until August 10 when it arrived damaged due to improper packaging and was returned to him and I confirmed that he did receive it. I spoke with him on Sept. 27 to clarify that I wanted a replacement as I had indicated on the note I put into the returned package. He said he would sent me the replacement CD shortly. I left a voice-mail message for him on October 23 indicating non-receipt of the replacement CD and shortly thereafter he said he only sent off the replacement CD on Nov. 9. I’ve tried calling him for the past few days but he’s never there to answer the phone. I sent him an e-mail on Dec. 15 and never received a response. I sent him a postcard on Dec. 7 and never received a response either. He never returns voice-mail messages. Service Elite Soundtracks Customer Care I didnu2019t like Customer service, Poor communication, Does not return phone calls or letters Reason of review Poor customer service Loss $38 Preferred solution Deliver product or service ordered

13 Barbury Dr. Nottingham, United Kingdom

07955 210161


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