Elizabeth (Beth) Shaffer – Lake City, Florida Florida


My husband, our three kids, and I were in the salon in Walmart on 90 a few days before this pug faced teat decided it was OK to message my husband. He has battled with sex addiction for years and I have tried everything to help. I messaged this 20 something little girl and let her know he was married and she was JUST playing with my son a few days prior to talking to my husband. She said she was sorry and would stop talking to him. Well needless to say they haven’t stopped. Sunday night we had just gone out to dinner and ice cream with our kids and later that night he was texting her. I confronted him about it and he said he was just leading her on and wasn’t going to talk to her again. He’s 32 playing little boy games. Well after confronting him left to drop kids off at daycare. He was messaging her and then dissappeared for 5 hours with his phone off. He said he was at a park thinking but the park he said he was at was closed (I drove by it). Needless to say I packed up his things and made him come get them. So yesterday before he went to work he came by and tried having sex with me. Then on his lunch break messages her. This little girl (who has a child herself) is targeting married men. Watch out for her and don’t let this pug faced twat cut your man’s hair.

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