Elizabeth Deleon – Hammond, Indiana Indiana


Elizabeth Deleon is the married woman sleeping with the man I have been with for 8yrs. We have a 6 yr old son. I catch the two of them working out together and they both deny everything as they both say she is married. I join their little workout crew and never see said husband and all of a sudden she isn’t wearing her ring anymore. Long story short… I am basically forced to workout with the woman he is cheating on me with as she is so trashy walking around with hickeys he gave her all the while we discuss our children! They even go to the same school! I keep confronting… she keeps denying… I catch them in the bar me and my man are regulars at and finally tell her husband… she leaves husband and kids after confessing to my man she has feelings for him. Although she doesn’t owe me anything… I’m furious that a mother and wife would destroy another woman’s family! Her kids get to visit when she isn’t busy sleeping with my man, who believe me isn’t without fault! But all women and men beware of this absolute piece of trash! Wrecking not only one home!

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