Elizabeth Perryman – Cape Girardeau, Missouri Missouri


This whore, Elizabeth Perryman of Cape Girardeau, mo has been f**king my husband. When he told her it was over, she has persistently been trying to contact him, lie to sabatoge what’s left of our marriage, and harass us to the point my husband had to quit his job. This woman is such a whore she spends her free time drinking and partying than taking care of her 8 month old baby. She doesn’t even know who her baby daddy is! Loose morals and whoring around is all this woman has going for her!! Beware, she is not the brightest crayon in the box… and for the record (since you ask my husband 50 million time) yes I am prettier than you, and 10 x the woman you will ever be. My husband was a f**king idiot for ever giving you a second look.

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