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So many broken promises that will forever stick with my husband & I on our wedding day…at first everything she presented to us at our first meeting was perfect, fit with our budget & seemed like she knew exactly what we wanted for our special day! Absolutely WRONG, our engagement shoot was cut short & we did not have many options of photos to choose from. When I had mentioned this, she said she would do a second shoot for us…but didn’t deliver. We had talked about a second shooter (first meeting) so that we could captured all the moments we would miss initially, stating her boyfriend would be helping her with a second camera…again, failed to provide a second shooter. I wasn’t made aware of this until AFTER the wedding when I asked her if her boyfriend had taken some photos (also paid for his vender dinner) since he had shown up. | When it was time for family photos and the bridal party photos, there was no organization or order of events. It created much chaos and everyone wondering what’s next or who hasn’t taken a photo. When it was time for our photos to be delivered it took her wayyyyy longer than expected (she did some extra editing which I’m accounting for) and kept putting it off every time I would ask her even after we paid her in full (payments which we agreed upon). | The topper of them all…I had specifically asked her to take some photos of me getting ready at my mothers house before the wedding. Hair, makeup, the bridal party getting ready & she ABSOLUTELY REFUSED…she felt that she didn’t need to start shooting until noon (wedding at 4:30) at the venue. I really wanted some beautiful photos of myself and my best ladies getting all dolled up. She stated that she would get these at the venue & well, didn’t. My close friend had to ask her to get photos of me putting my dress on by which she finally did. When I brought this to her attention after, she said that package was 12hrs of shooting and didn’t allow her to take photos at my mothers house….so our wedding was from 12pm-12am? No it started at 4:30pm & ended at 10pm. | Lastly, after confronting her about all of the promises we asked for and paid for, she decided to NOT give us our final “LUXX package” which included a USB, canvas photo and engraved photo album. She stated that because we made “payments” and it wasn’t paid in full until after the wedding (which she explicitly agreed upon & suggested) that we wouldn’t be receiving the rest of our package. She may take beautiful photos of children and whimsical horses at tea parties, but she DID NOT uphold her self and or her business for our wedding. Pay the extra money & get a professional organized photographer!

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