Ema Clemmons – Dallas, Texas Texas


It’s one thing to be the other woman when you had no idea what was going on. When that sorry excuse of a man first started cheating with her and got caught he fed her lie after lie for months. Then Ema Clemmons aka”Emalynde” found out everything. Almost every nasty detail. She still has no idea how huge of an influence she was in mentally breaking his ex wife. How much her presence fueled and encouraged continued abuse after she left him. Oh he got cocky and felt he was perfectly justified in treating the ex like garbage since he had a shiny new toy. After being smacked with the truth? Ema still chose him. || Her apology she gave the ex-wife was fake and hollow. She ran right back to him and refused to cut him from her life because it would be”punishing” her. She made so many excuses for him. Defended him. Made excuses and defended her morally twisted reasons for staying around him. Invited him to fly over to stay in her home on multiple occasions after she knew everything. The mental gymnastics she’s done to justify both of their actions is insane. She masks everything behind”kindness” and”empathy” but she’s really a self-centered attention wh*re who only wants the image of those things. She and the dirtbag guy are two peas in a pod after finding out what a manipulator she is, too. They deserve each other. Ema/Emalynde? You are a homewrecker. The other woman. The mistress. You have fully earned every last bit of the title. Really says something about your husband that he condones all of this. You both are sick people.

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