ema cottons


I ordered a quilt from this company on November 23, 2018. Money was withdrawn from my account immediately, via paypal, although, strangely paypal cannot help in providing me a refund, as the transaction is not showing up on my actual paypal account (although I’d received an email from paypal with a receipt number as soon as the money was taken from my account). I have not received the merchadise, have emailed the company several times, only to be sent a fake tracking number from DHL Global that has not been updated in weeks. I have tried to find a phone number to contact this company, but cannot. The original site I ordered from was emacottons.com, however, that has now changed to ameliaquilts. The paypal transaction that took my money is called PRINTABEL, out of California. This is obviously a scam, and I want a refund and want to expose this company so that others do not find themselves in this same predicament!!

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