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Complaint: This man rented to my aunt made promises to repair and never did it. Even conned her into making numerous repairs herself but then would not allow her to take it out of the rent and when she did anyway he took her to court made up attorneys fees of $1000 and then claimed that the attorney couldnu2019t make it charged late fees on although heu2019s the one who refused to accept the rent because he wanted a bigger amount. Then he threatened to call the state on her because she was going to be evicted and did and had the audacity to tell her that the state will pay on her behalf and proceeded to give her different programs she could use. Out of desperation she Ended up having to pay the fees by fees I mean late fees in the amount of $100 per month And by the time the case was heard it was up to $300 all though he refused to accept the rent she didnu2019t ask the state for it because she didnu2019t think that it was right or necessary but the fact that he attempted to get her to do it and then caused her to have a dyfs case for almost a year is ridiculous. He also makes his lease in a ridiculous manner in which if youu2019re not careful you might not notice that if you donu2019t pay the rent on the first you have to pay $100 late fee he doesnu2019t even give you five days like a normal Landlord would. Just stay away and be careful. I hope the judges wake up soon because I have heard so many stories about this particular man but for some reason the judges just donu2019t see they continue to side with him they really need to look at all of his filings and see if thereu2019s a pattern. The real estate board really needs to take a look at this man and take his license away because if I forgot to mention heu2019s also a real estate agent with Century 21. Heu2019s dangerous! single mothers beware!!!

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Address: 780 Broadway Bayonne, New Jersey United States


Phone: 2019543088

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